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Do you play Minecraft? Do you like the super heroes of DC or Marvel? This particular mod lets you play as DC and Marvel super heroes in Minecraft.

The Twilight Forest mod adds enchanted trees and giant mushrooms as a new area realm in Minecraft, where life exists of continual twilight.

Dungeon Pack is a mod for Minecraft that adds many new dungeons to explore full of dangerous mobs, mysterious puzzles, and big bosses to fight.

The man, the myth, the legendary Herobrine makes his debut in this mod of ultimate destruction. Can you calm his restless spirit?

When it comes to Minecraft sometimes interior decorating is overlooked because of the simplicity of the furniture in the basic installation. Now thanks to this mod you can have all kinds of impressive furniture...

Tinkers Construct is a popular mod for Minecraft, created by mDiyo, which aims to greatly expand the Minecraft armor and weapon crafting experience by introducing the use of metal forges, new materials, and more.

A popular dual wielding combat is the Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Mod for Minecraft, which gives players different weapons and shields that help them to stop attacks from as far as a 120-degree...

The inventory tweaks mod is a wonderfully useful mod for organizing your Minecraft inventory. With this mod you'll never have to break your flow to sort through a cluttered inventory again.

Do you like Minecraft? Do you like post-apocalyptic media, such as the "Fallout" series of role-playing games or the "Mad Max" films? This mod is the perfect blend of both those elements.

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This mod brings the fun of Pokémon into the immersive world of MineCraft, introducing new items, crafting recipes, and of course, Pokémon! Craft your...