Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

for 1.5.2

This mod brings the fun of Pokémon into the immersive world of MineCraft, introducing new items, crafting recipes, and of course, Pokémon! Craft your own Pokéballs and start hunting Pokémons to become the best of the best.

From Arbok to Zapdos, this mod brings all your favorite Pokémon into the world of Minecraft. With regular updates adding new features and Pokémon, this mod continues to bring a new perspective on the world of MineCraft. Currently, the first two generations of Pokemon are complete, with numerous others from the other generations. All starters up to the recent generation are available, as well as most of the Legendary Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon can be found, although they are rare! Pokémon can also be bred with the use of Ranch Blocks, with eggs hatching just like they would in Pokémon games.


Many new items are added by this mod, from potions to evolution items. While some held items cannot be crafted, many recipes are added for items such as evolution stones and consumable items. Machines such as the trading machine, healing machine, and cloning machine are also able to be crafted. New ores and crafting resources have been added as well. If decorating is more your style, new items have been added for that as well. Create your own Secret Base, however (and wherever) you want it!


Of course, what would any Pokémon mod be without battling? Trainers also spawn regularly to provide a more challenging foe than the average wild Pokémon. Most moves and abilities have been added (with more in development) to keep the battles interesting. Boss Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon both spawn randomly to test your skill and your Pokémon! If your Pokémon end up getting injured, Pokécenters spawn naturally in most biomes, and your Pokémon can also be healed by sleeping in a bed.





  • 392 Pokémon, with more added regularly!
  • Craft your own Pokéballs!
  • Dedicated servers!
  • Ride your Pokémon!
  • Battle with other trainers!
  • Look for treasure or fossils!

In Short:

For the MineCraft players who enjoy the challenge of 'catching them all', the Pixelmon Mod is the best option available. Whether on Survival or Creative mode, this mod continues to provide an engaging change to the MineCraft world.

Downloads for Pixelmon Mod 1.5.2

for 1.5.2
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