Millenaire Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Millenaire Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

for 1.7.10

The name looks similar to another word, so one might think the Millenaire Mod for Minecraft is about getting rich. Well, this mod will not magically make you directly rich, but definitely socially rich. That circumstance often leads to great power and wealth further down the road. For you see, if you reside in Minecraft and there is little to no one for you to interact with, then you will want to install the mod that enables you to create instant Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) in 11th century villages of various ethnic backgrounds.

You really can interact and do commerce with these villagers, even though the ‘people’ are all automatons. This economic advantage, multiplied with enough villages popped into existence with this mod, you could possibly become enormously rich. It is, however, more likely that you will become powerful, so powerful that you will ride a wealthy roller coaster life through your future times in Minecraft. You could become king!


When you see a little baby born in a village, the whole family gathering around… you start wondering just how ‘NPC’ these little people are!? That feeling hits you twice as hard when you see that ‘baby’ sometime later, toting books off to school. And, you receive more of a bitter sweet shock when you see that ‘baby’ have his own kid. And just to think. All these worker people are your villagers. Try not to become an egomaniac with this mod.







  • Norman villages cultivate and will trade wheat crops
  • East Indian villages produce rice
  • Villagers reproduce and so the villages all automatically grow
  • Help them grow faster and they will give you unique items
  • Available in many different languages

In Short:

If you are feeling too solitary in your Minecraft experience, give this mod a try. You may find more than social bliss, you may find a way to begin building your very own kingdom. Your social life in Minecraft will get busy. Get this mod today and you will be glad tomorrow.

Downloads for Millenaire Mod 1.7.10

for 1.7.10
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