Pixel Perfection Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

Pixel Perfection Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7


The Pixel Perfection Resource Pack for Minecraft will add rich, detailed textures to your game, taking your experience to an entirely new and vibrant level without losing any of Minecraft's original charm.

Resource packs for Minecraft are created with the intention of altering the game’s original graphics in some form or another to change the appearance and enhance them to a user’s liking. One thing many people may find is that they dislike how very un-Minecraft their game feels once they’ve installed a pack, but they have no need to worry about that with the Pixel Perfection Resource Pack by X S Sheep and rather than stray from the game’s default look in preference for a different style, this resource pack is intended to enrich the game’s charming 16-bit graphics.


The most prominent difference lies in the unprecedented sharpness that is an undeniable upgrade from the default graphics. This cut adds a revitalized freshness to the entire game, and it’ll be like looking at your world through a new pair of eyes. The pixels are all crisper, making each and every block fit even more seamlessly together and establishing an admirable and calming congruence throughout the entire map.


The Pixel Perfection Resource Pack takes advantage of some of the features exclusive to the MCPatcher + Optifine such as custom colors, special biome colors and lightmaps. While it isn’t necessary, the creator does recommend using the patcher to get the most out of the resource pack and bring your game to an optimal level of, as the name implies, pixel perfection.




  • Easy-to-install resource pack that will revamp your game's graphics.
  • Hi-def mod that adds vibrancy and detail to every aspect of Minecraft.
  • Offers optional fantasy tree add-on for mystical atmosphere.
  • Offers an optional enhanced grass and leaves add-on that fits well with the style.
  • Enlivens world with more vibrant colors without taking away from Minecraft's traditional style.
  • Up-to-date and compatible with most recent versions of the game.

In Short:

For anyone who has been looking for a resource pack that will enhance their game without changing it too much, who appreciates a simple but noticeable and sharp style, the Pixel Perfection Resoource Pack for Minecraft is unquestionably one of the best out there. Within it's simpleness lies a vibrancy that is sure to enrich your game.

Downloads for Pixel Perfection Resource Pack 1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4

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