A New Realism HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

A New Realism HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7


Taking graphical enhancement to an entirely new level, A New Realism HD Resource Pack for Minecraft transforms the 16-bit game's default style into a wonderland of sorts with this texture pack by Myrtha13 available in either 16x or 32x flavors.

There’s no denying the potency a resource pack can have on your game, especially in one that has a charm embedded in its simplicity like Minecraft. The transformative powers of the A New Realsim HD Resource Pack, however, is something different entirely. Your game will automatically be teleported into what feels like an alternate universe upon launching your map for the first time post-installation.


Moving up from the original 16-bit “New Realism” texture pack to this 32×32 version, you’ll find that your game isn’t just more vibrant, but now looks as if it could be the set for some Japanese animated film. the flowers, trees and even individual blades of grass all exhibit a profound new depth and level of detail, and inside houses and villages you’ll discover that the buildings feel alive thanks to the new sharpness of the wood planks that cover the floor and the individual stones in the blocks along the walls and stove. Even the fire flickering in the oven has new life.


The pack doesn’t just stop with the map itself. Your inventory also takes on the effect, with the objects deeper and more clear than ever before, no longer looking like mere icons but actual things you could pluck right out of their respective slots. It’s highly recommended for any RPG lover, as its ultra-enhanced quality gives Minecraft a whimsical fantasy vibe, adding new dimensions to preexisting objects. Ores will be shinier, wood will appear rough and aged and certain materials will take on new appearances, such as iron which goes from the default silver to a new, rustic shade.






  • New 32x32 pixel texture pack that transforms graphics.
  • Up-to-date and compatible with most recent Minecraft versions.
  • New depth and detail added to virtually every object and aspect of the game.
  • Fantasy-like quality
  • Maintains original style of game through trees, dirt and land textures.
  • Sharpness and detailed texture perfect for 3D-pixel artists.

In Short:

A New Realism HD Resource Pack for Minecraft is one that has an impact right up there with the Shaders mod. For those who have had difficulty with performance using the graphics-heavy Shaders, A New Realism is a fantastic way to inject some HD-style into Minecraft without sacrificing speed and quality.

Downloads for A New Realism HD Resource Pack 1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4

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