LotsOMobs adds over 50 new mobs, including narwhals, camels, dinosaurs, insects and even Santa Claus, the Prehistoric Dimension, the Ice Age Dimension and tons of new materials, ores and items.

The More Swords Mod for Minecraft is self explanatory. If you're looking to be able to create more swords, this is the mod for you. Take new materials and combine them for a totally...

Craft your own epic adventure across a galaxy far, far way for the first time in Minecraft as a Jedi, Sith, Trooper, or other great archetypes from the Star Wars universe!

The mod brings the technology of the Portal puzzle game into your simple Minecraft world to transport your player.

ModLoader is a Minecraft mod manager and organizer. It works up through Minecraft version 1.6.2, but has since been replaced by Forge.

Ars Magica 2 is a fantasy-based Minecraft mod that adds some substantial changes to the formula. It applies a classic fantasy theme with the inclusion of magic and other features.

While enchanting your crafted gear is a great way to add variety to Minecraft, the default system has an element of randomness to it that this mod seeks to abolish.

The Better Foliage Mod is a rather lovely Forge mod that enhances the environment with a few simple additions to existing assets.

This mod for minecraft focuses on items -- specifically, changing the physics of items (as the name suggests). It allows you to work with items differently than you would be able to otherwise because...

Block title

Thaumcraft Mod for Minecraft is a mod that adds magical arcane blocks and items in the game. Thaumcraft Mod for Minecraft is all about...